Now! With


aUgust  8   200 8

        8       8     8	               the lens foc us ed         for
twentyfour hours halaka (minus __ plus 1)         improv ized 
      consecutive                       per formed           recor ded 
	in studio created an album that    cannot be  actually called an album
but is also typically halaka in its being        utterly      market ed
                                                            un      able
      as a musical expression     or whatever it was   but of course the point had
always been to see what would happen in trying to record for 24 hours straight much
preparation had been planning had    occurred much happened in the meantime in the 
actual event there were     many adjustments   to make regarding personnel as various
fact    ors  withinthe collection   converged inoppurtune (is anything not ever) 
    ions    still the intent of course experimentation deprivation    drift cross
continental (overseas) convergence like being dropped into oil    lack of 
preparation means preparation there are no answers behind the back side but there
is a massive construction of unwieldy audio being slowly ground upon from multiple 
angles until such time as we have actually found (time) stable metaphor to complete
                                              energy  ability
      the task there          are ofcourse         segments there left
for your             immediate            ignorance