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endorsation / shared destiny / cocontaminants

furiousBall - brilliant solo material from SGC guitarist and composer.
apertome - electronic music and found sound artist, member of SGC, sometime halaka collaborator, halaka remixer.
Spiral Galaxy Collision - electroacoustic experimental project.
STUDIOSPOOKY - graphic art for business and/or pleasure and occasionally neither.
Flying Apparatus - Yeah, that.

sound artists/labels/publications

flat four radio - webcasting brilliantly produced independent radio programs, including the Oddmusic program.
Mind Sculpture - progressive, real. (Flash heavy site.)
cocksocket - if you love halaka, you may or may not also love or dislike or want to date cocksocket. music to drive a truck through.
fflint central - home of Berkowitz, Lake, & Dahmer; Pendro; Cavendish Sanguine; etc.
fuchsia death records - including BAZ, Neon Sandwich, Viscous Elvis Cyst, Freeze Etch. there's no coincidence. (Alas, this whole conglomeration is no longer. Part of it is being carried on at Finding Datura Recordings)
algebrassiere - irritainment. mmmmm.
a.m. salad - what he said.
Black Moth Super Rainbow - though entirely confused about what to call themselves, these guys make great music. Previously satanstompingcaterpillars, which was after they were Allegany Whitefish.
MC Loonee Dan - member of one of the first bands featured

on our now decrepit mp3.ass stations; now beatboxer and all-around weird guy, and producer of Flat Four radio.
Rain Theory - Maryland experimental ambient musicians.
Cosmic Sky - more from Aaron Lennox of Rain Theory.
daspetey - listen to 010101
eulogy - toynbee idea in movie 2001 resurrect dead on planet jupiter
win a new head
bapudi - holy shit (watch it, though, this thing opens up some new-fangled flash movie that might wreck yer truck)
Joseph Zitt
below records - home of the bad cassettes
Matt Davignon - sound manipulation, ambient, atmospheric
monotremata - autodidact (music), dead angel ('zine), more (more)
blasser - I've got no idea what that was


wfmu - streaming radio
It's Too Damn Early - DaveX and the power of a radio. Station. I think.
boycott riaa - stop buying cds
wm3 - three (probably innocent) men, convicted when they were teenagers, are on death row in Arkansas. The evidence against them consisted almost entirely of testimony that the boys were satanists, or witches, or evil, and, in any case, wore black clothes. At least one of them did.
Is DMusic the Best Site Online?

web related

complexspiral demo - inspiration/css base for background-image page layout.
pure CSS menus - inspiration/css base for pop-up menus.
CSS hacks & browser detection - otherwise the menus wouldn't work at all in IE.

black and grey nights

black and grey nights