An Indistinct and Incomplete List of Halaka Participants

Lacky Daisical voice, tapes, records, circuit-bending, PVC, percussive strings, bottles, glass
* voice, tapes, records, circuit-bending, wires, PVC, classical guitar, noisedguitar, sampler, pile, percussive strings, convulsions, Dawan what the hell?
Sacky Jamboree percussion, acoustic drums, electronic drums, voice, attacks the equipment, distortion, cello, not a handtruck, ibanez electric guitars, John Waters' parents' old piano
Madhog acoustic guitar, classical guitar, schecter 7 string electric guitar, various 6 string electric guitars, prepared guitar, voice, bass, cello, pile guitar, noises, feedback, that's a bad kitty, pile, sampler, keyboards, drums, percussion, dobro
David "Tray Getter" Anderson gets trays
Jim "Fanch" Taylor guitolin, 12-string acoustic guitar, acoustic
guitar, electric guitar, amplifiers, balalaika, voice, electronic keyboards, chord organ, bass, brass, percussion
Stick drums, rants, screaming, percussion, guitars, jolly ranchers, lick 'em aid
Miss (Mrs.) Mackerel clarinet, trombone, cello, violin, viola, orchestrations, keyboards, oboe, opera, the rules
Eugene Matsumura Bass, faux hip
Maxtor! saxophone, Maxtor!
The Mysterious F Acoustic Drums, PVC Percussion, Clarinet, Ukelele, Voice, Alligator Couch, Springs, Brackets
Kingo Sleemer I have no idea; I think he's fabricated. The guys say I can put that here, but they say that it's wrong. He's in charge of publicity, is what * says. But he won't ever meet in person. No clue. cheese on the console?

not a step