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Selling the Bed

Pile Records is now selling old and recent Halaka music on CD-R; you can now purchase using paypal. Check out the catalog. Currently available are Unabridged Discord, Presenting the Making of Shave Your Regular Face and Diluted Years Concentrate. They've got more re-releases slated for availability soon.


Looking Under Rocks

It's been almost 10 months between updates. That's nothing unusual, except that I thought it had been a couple of weeks.

There's been activity in the marketing department. Look under a library near you for some CD-R compilations courtesy of Pile Records. Check out the discography page for some updated information on past releases; more of that to follow. Also included there are some links to the complete recordings now archived at archive.org.

The 8.8.8 release plans are shuffling and shifting around as is Halaka's standard procedure. Check back sometime for more on that.




  • Pile Records (some Halaka albums already finally at last available.)
  • A slightly edificated video of the opening strains of 8.8.8:

It was all a ruse.

Stay still more or less tuned.


8 (+) 8 (+) 8

Names and dates have been changed to not change the dates and names. I'm really not sure what's happened or what I'm supposed to say happened, but I was asked to say something about it here. So: something, I think, happened. 8.8.8 is a date and was very recent. Something to do with 24 hours, but I don't actually know what. There was something done that lasted that long, but I don't know if it's a 24 hour recording session where an album was made, or if there were 24 hours of songs put together, or... what.

What? (Is this good enough?)

Stay tuned for the end of time.


what the hell is going on

If anything works? Not likely. It's been years, which can't be possible. The band's been going on and on, but not this page.

Watch out. In addition to its duties as champion of world self-esteem monitoring and values-driven systems architecture, Halaka built and expunged an album for February Album Writing Month. The album (currently internet-only) is called The Margarine Committee's Unauthorized Business Plan, and Kingo created a page for it here. The music's all there in mp3 format, though there are some problems with a few of the mp3s and rumour has it that, eventually, Sacky (or someone) will be replacing the screwy ones with actually fully-functional ones. When confronted about the issue they've been very adamant that this is NOT about copy-protection, piracy, file distruction, digital rights managemeat, hard-drive space, changing media formats, dissatisfaction with contractual obligations, or disinterest in being team players. They assure me that all will be made well in due time. Also, the FAWM page is here. DO NOT GO to the FAWM with the .com after it, though. That'd be bad for your constipulation.

Other newer news to follow immediately in 2009.


and now...

We'll be re-announcing the re-birth of this site this week. We've already got people signing up for the new mailing list, so it's probably time. I've tried updating the discography page recently. There's still obviously more left unsaid than said, but I promise I'm working on it. It's frustrating sometimes trying to work from the incomplete box of tapes and records, and trying to reconcile what's in there with the CDRs they're sending me; but it's also fun, and I'm sure that section will continue to improve.

There are also many other changes going on. I'll leave it to you to find those, for now. Remember, though: not everything's right out in the open.


where it's due

Still not having the time to get into the whole story about our domain; or maybe just not wanting to dig out all the notes and make up all the in-betweens. But regardless of how it all rolled up and down and crushed sisyphus over and again, the one thing I can say for sure is that Mark J., of the Parkdale Hookers, rocks. Basically, when we allowed our domain to expire (let's say we were out of the office at the time, stomping on leafhoppers), he noticed and picked it up. For a while there he had it pointing to the Parkdale Hookers website, so I sent him some sort of semi-angry sounding missive. So what'd he do? He just offered to give it back, no charge. Transferred it back to us as soon as we got our shit back into the box.

So we're back. If you've already figured that out, and the site still looks like it used to -- settle yourself down! We're not announcing the rebirth until we get ourselves all wrapped up in silk and re-birthed back into... or, well, really we'll probably just put a new picture on the front page and call that a re-launch. But wait and see, we might surprise you. We've got some space now to work with, so at the very least expect more media (mp3s, videos, chicken nuggtets, etc.)

Mitch'll be back at the controls here, of course; I've got to get back to the business of digging holes.

- kingo


The Years Are Gradually Breaking The Whole Shit Apart

Halaka.org is, or shalling be shortly, back online. There's probably a story in there about what happened, where it went... the ephemeral nature of communication, the unfortunate miscomings of the wide web world, the terrible thing that happened when Mitch stopped being able to be able. Also the surprise when some people help out and show themselves to be genuine people, even if they're strangers. For now there's no time for this rambling parade; for now we'll just content ourselves with trying to revive this rusting fucker.

- kingo


Looking For Mister Co-Split-CD Artist

Halaka is looking to release a split CD; the material is new(ish), prepared especially for split-release with a band who decided to disband before finishing the split. So

now what we need is someone to release it with. We'd like to do a limited release (1000 or fewer) CD (not CD-R). Anyone who's heard enough of Halaka's material to be able to make an estimation that there'll be some sort of stylistic match and wants to possibly do this, send an e-mail to kingo sleemer (at) yahoo dot com. You know, turn that into an email address and send it. I mean.


Driving Through The Desert Wearing No Shorts

Contrary to appearances, Halaka has been busy. More material is being prepared for re-release, and recently written new material is being gradually underlined and highlighted. In fact, * tells me he found some outliners at a thrift store. You can't beat that. I think he likes them for the effect the fumes have on that part of the brain in the forehead.

We're all out of the free CDs we were giving away for free, because we gave them all away (for free.) However, we've got some copies of some other things that we'd be willing to send you just for an address. We promise not to put any dead insects in the package.

Sorry for the long absence. Our provider had a problem. Read what Kingo has to say about it here.

We're giving up on our mp3.com presence. That place is shit. We're gradually putting tracks we used to have there (along with previously unheard tracks) at Iuma.


Dead Angel came through with their review of Inadequate, and we're overconed. Please go check them out, read the reviews, send them e-mails telling them how wonderful they are.* And if you don't already have a copy of the album, drop us an e-mail. We'll send you a copy for free if you send us an address, until we run out of this batch. For the slow witted, this is a FANCY AND FREE INTERNET PROMOTIONAL OFFER! Take advantage while you can. If you miss out 'cuz you didn't send us a message, don't go saying bad things about us to our neighbors.

Our e-mail addresses and things are changing around. You can currently not send any messages to our halaka.org addresses, cuz it won't get to us. So you can send the webguy a message at halakaweb@musician.org, and you can still reach kingo at kingosleemer@yahoo.com. We've also created a mailing list using SmartGroups. Subscribe using the link on the bottom to get updates when things are happening.

We're finally hosting some mp3s here. Check the mp3 page.

* please note that we cannot get behind EVERYTHING Dead Angel has written about us. halaka likes to make stuff up? oh my.


A few things are going on. Some of Halaka played live and (relatively) unannounced on the Eastern Shore of Maryland recently, thanks to algebrassiere. The performance was recorded (poorly) and videotaped (I think.)

Another review has recently appeared in splendid. It's a review that's so enthusiastic it veritably GLOWS.

In related news, occasional bassist/noisist Eugene Matsumura is recovering from a recent hip replacement surgery.


Halaka's gotten some more airplay, this time at wfmu in New York, and a review of God, I am the Lunatic in Dead Angel e-zine. Looks like we're also slated for another review next issue, this time (probably) for Inadequate.


This page has been up and half-completed, again, for a month or so. I finally added some contact information here, so all of the legions of people dying to send us something can do so.

Kingo wrote me asking me to let everyone know that a couple of Halaka's songs were played on a radio program on WDBX 91.1FM in Illinois (http://www.wdbx.org). Our friend DaveX played "H(*).741-B(the time reversal experiment)" and "Transmutate" on his "It's Too Damn Early" program. Both tracks are available in mp3 format at the musicbuilder halaka site. Thanks, Dave! (Dave also gave the site a little plug in his e-mail to his listeners/contributors, so we've felt obligated to put in an update this weekend.)


Page redesign. Halaka is currently inadequate.


So much time has passed since this thing was started. Today is the first day this is accessible through halaka.org. Since it's finally up, I'm going to be working on getting things arranged and put here as soon as possible. I'm working on putting all of the stuff on the band's history I have together now. I don't know yet when there'll be media available, but I will be putting links to the band's mp3.com site, and their garageband.com site, where there are mp3s and things.

Additionally, I'm working on a FAQ and some other links. And I'll have a link up here where you can get in touch with me about the site, or with some of the band members about... whatever you might want to talk to those guys about.


Before the site's even up I'm faced with news… on September 2nd, someone registered halaka.com. I'm still trying to talk to all the guys again to see if it was any of them, but it looks like that wasn't the case. Some of the guys are clamming up, though, when I bring up the thing, and the name of the guy, jonny . I have a suspicion that this could be one of the "ex" members I've heard hints about. Someone getting even for something?

Or, some opportunist, hearing through the intricate web of underground Halakites that an official site might be in the works, and taking the domain hostage, hoping for a large ransom? I have yet to contact him. I'm investigating my options, and talking it over with Lacky. He's getting quite a kick out of it. Possibly HE was the one that did it. Possibly this has, after all, all been an elaborate strategy of his to fuck with me, for some reason.

I knock everything over
immediately upon entering
I'm but a jester
though poor at jesting.

I knock everything over
immediately upon entering
I'm but a jester
though poor at jesting.