where I'll lay my head

all my pretty little oracle bones.

cat keeps on singin'
fishin' for that mackerel
wishin' for that mackerel
swimin' it that ocean
livin' in that reef.

cat keeps on singin'
even with his robes
don't play the geetar no more
allah likes it better that way

cat keeps on singin'
but ,the numbers are all even now



there was a mountain of fragmentary memory
never completed
from the moment the plans were laid
until those with whom the plans depended

what's going on
Circumferential lipodermatosclerosis around the ankle
may produce the characteristic
beer bottle leg.
I can drink beer out of my leg, said Ayumi-san

Every morning I take a shower
and like most guys we tend to
squeeze the strand of worm-like Nurse tank
and hack away at it like you would your face or your ass
forming a shell for the quickening metronome that sways beneath

creeps out from the weeds clawing

creeps out from the weeds clawing